Thursday, August 27, 2009

ARK003 = Zonder : Maybe You Can Live On The Moon In The Next Century (11.99) CD-R/Cassette


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"The American trio Zonder (Dutch for 'without') presents a version of heavy rock that needs a few spins to grab you. The music is dense with all kinds of influences, performed with a raw energy.

The unpolished and direct recording of the music may be seem not 'perfect' (by rock standards), it does resemble the energy of a liveperformance pretty aptly. At first you may feel the sound is somewhat lacking, I've found that after two songs you get used to it and forget about your initial impression. In the mix of influences you can find aspects of many bands: Faith No More, VoïVod, (early) Killing Joke, Kyuss, King Crimson but also a few odd inserts like the koto in 10k, next you'll find yourself in some Native American ritual (with heavy guitars). Goblin-like horror in Mt and several times they veer into heavy psychedelics. The songstructures are not always evident, sometimes being very untraditional (to rock standards that is, the structure might just as well be lifted from a different tradition), but always full with mood- and meterchanges and curious harmonics.

Like I said, this does need a few spins to sink in, but I doubt this will scare away readers of this zine. The spins will result in slowly unwinding the coils a bit and you'll find your way in. If anything, the fire in the performance should be the thing that catches on first, the structures will follow.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Martijn Busink"

author: Janne Nokelainen
zonder sounds like a breed of extraterrestrial primitive tribal musicians landed their spaceship on earth and wrote their version of all the music they hear in a heavy-fucking-rocking manner. these aliens seem to particularly like heavy distorted guitar sounds, throbbing bass, industrial tribal drumming, complex rhythms and fuzzed out counterpoint. this is music for people who don't want their music neatly packaged and processed into some faggoty ass look-at-my-hairdo radio play version of a big mac meal. i always thought aliens didn't have any facial hair, but zonder shows us that the exception proves the rule.

author: Blake Mackey
With Zonder u get the best of many worlds. You have fast punk, jazz key changes, metal vocals, funk bass and its as 3-dimensional as Richard devine or Venetian snares, or any electronic music. Although this appears to be a vast range of musical influences, Zonder does the hard part of blending genres to the point where everything flows from the ground up. It seems just when you think you figured them out they bring in something new. If you are interested in the passing of the torch from Killing Joke and frank zappa to our new gods ZONDER.

C. 2006

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