Thursday, August 27, 2009

ARK001 = Blake Mackey : C'MON ESCHATON (7.99) CD-R/Cassette


Echo Curio review (LA): "Mysterious traveling man, a fan of Sun City Girls and Sunn O))) who manages to also channel that dark passion into acoustic instruments.and coming away with a sound closer to Nick Drake if he had been born in the 80s and started playing with Sonic Youth. Now, I know I dropped a lot of names right there, but if you heard this guy's new record C'mon Eschaton, you'd forgive the hyperbole."

Good Records Review August 2008 : "Singer songwriter with an amazing sonic colorization to every song as if he were a painter. What Elliott Smith would have done if he were in Sonic Youth."

Mixing spontaneous found sounds, with organized composition. Blake recorded his first album at the Polyphonic Spree studios with Mark Pirro founding member of Tripping Daisy and Polyphonic Spree.

(Originally issued on Sun-Rise Records USA)

Minor Reviews :
Blake strikes me as pure talent and ambition. His music is raw and pure. I could listen to this every day and never quite get everything this album has to say. It is beautiful and eliquent. Coming from the hippie swamplands of Portland Oregon, this album is as important as any Decemberists album. "C'mon Echaton" is not an album you want to pass up if you love singer songwriter music that is genuine.

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