Thursday, August 27, 2009

ARK016 = Subarachnoid Space : Crusades (9.99) CD-R


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"SubArachnoid Space are the best and longest running instrumental cinematic post-rock/prog band you have never heard of. Besides having a history that dates back to 1995 and a staggering number of fantastic albums and even more line-up changes, the band's lynchpin Melynda Jackson has the distinction of being one of my all time favorite people. She was kind enough to share this extremely limited, self-released CDR called Crusades with the dear readers of Cosmic Hearse. If you were one of the many people that got all bonered up by the record by Gift Horse I posted some time back, you'd do wise to get this and all things SubArachnoid. The band now resides in Portland, Oregon but this was recorded back in 2006 when they still called San Francisco home. I think after fifteen years it's time this band got their due."

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"I have no idea where I found this or when it was released, but any,...I mean ANY Subarachnoid Space release is a good one.<--(note the period). The tale of this band is a powerhouse of Pink Floyd,..meeting a street walking king crimson in outer space.This band is in my opinion the best acid soaked improv, jamming band to ever touch their own genre. This EP is no exception. Wonderful experimental soundscapes wrapped in a hazy cloud of zoned out, weed infested, talent. I just wish I could make it to one of their shows. So lets review. Subarachnoid space = Pink Floyd with no rules circa the Meddle lp.= mama loves spacerock. Got it?Good. Try to get your hands on the crusades ep. you'll never regret it, unless yer into some sacreligious music loop that will hold you in bonds with out of date pop. don't be a baby. -EXZOOMER " Review By The Cogency Editorial Recorded in May 2006 by Phil Manley of Trans Am and The Fucking Champs in San Francisco. This recording (made right after the red veil) is a set of three brand new SAS songs that have never been released. To purchase this CD, please contact (Architect Records is having a dispute with Paypal at the moment, we hope to resolve this problem shortly)

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