Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blake Mackey : Hermetic Tradition VOL. 1 (Sold Out)

heremtic ttradition

This album is a set of traditional folk, country and blues songs Blake has been kicking around for two years. There are 14 songs and all of them (other then two) are traditional American songs that have been passed down for generations. Many of these songs have not been easily accessible to the public, until now. Many good friends show up on this album including Del Blackwell (Danava) Johnny Rae Monroe (Fist Fite, Le Push) Russell Archer (A Scattered Few) Zac Nelson (H E X L O V E, Who's your Favorite Son God) Jeremy Faulkner (Ah Holly Fam'ly) and Susanna Feliz (cover artist).

C. 2009

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